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Lifting Beam

Lifting Beams

  • Customer specific
  • Made to order
  • Application: Heavy lifting, crane

Spreader Beam 

Spreader Beams

  • Reduces horizontal force
  • Made to order
  • Application: Heavy Lifting, crane

Forklift Attachment

Forklift Attachments

  • Extension of Fork Tines
  • High Tensile Grade Steel
  • Application: Forklift

forklift Lifting Cage

Lifting Cages

  • Securely lifts loaded block/brick packs
  • Four-point lift
  • Application: Lifting loaded pellets

Forklift Jib

Forklift Jibs

  • Manoueuvre in confined space
  • Slides onto Tines (safety chain)
  • Application: Forklifts